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GPS tracking helps you control excess mileage and reduce speed to save fuel costs

GPS helps save fuelLast time we looked at how GPS tracking can improve field productivity. Now we’ll review the impact that GPS tracking of mobile computers can have on fuel savings.

When you track vehicles using installed GPS tracking devices, fuel savings are easy. You can immediately make a difference by monitoring engine idling and eliminating the excess.

With mobile computer tracking, the fuel savings are still  substantial, but you have to go about achieving them in different ways. Read more…

Originally published as a guest column in Business Solutions Magazine.

SaaS-based GPS tracking services offer VARs and MSPs tasty new recurring revenue opportunities, but what is the current state of the art?

GPS tracking solutions provide VARs and MSPs with an attractive source of recurring monthly revenue, but if you haven’t taken a look at tracking systems lately you’ll find a lot has changed in terms of features, flexibility, and pricing. Read more…

Michael Jordan &
Scotty Pippen
Wayne Rooney &
Cristiano Ronaldo*
Ricky Bobby &
Cal Naughton Jr.**
better together Ronaldo and Rooney Take 2 better together
Winning Pair
Winning Pair
Winning Pair

In every sport there are players who when paired together make each other better and electrify the game. The pairs above all created reliable “1 + 1 = 3” results. The same is true of mobile computing and GPS tracking. Read more…