Plug Your Field Workforce Into the Internet of Things!

Affordable Smartphone GPS Tracking for your field workers

GPS Tracking for Mobile ComputersElectric Compass Tracker gives you total visibility into field worker activity. Improve field productivity customer service while cutting costs with GPS Tracking. Support for Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Mobile plus our web-based Command Center make it easy to get started. Contact us now for more info.

> Know where your workers are at all times
Save on fuel costs
Cut overtime costs
Improve worker safety
Supports a wide range of mobile devices
> Easy to get started and use

Supported Smartphone/Mobile Computer Platforms
> iPhone/iPad
> Android
> Window 8.1/10
> Windows Mobile/Embedded Handheld
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GPS Field Worker Tracking

GPS TrackingWith Field Force Tracker, your worker's mobile computers send out “pings” every one-to-ten minutes telling you where they are. But that’s not all, “pings” include travel direction and speed for full visibility into what is going on in the field.

Full Mapping with Live Traffic

Full MappingSee live locations of all your workers on your choice of standard map or satellite view. Zoom to specific workers and open windows to follow individuals. View live traffic from Google (we are a fully licensed user of Google enterprise mapping).

Windows Mobile/Android/BlackBerry Apps

Android and Windows Mobile TrackingWe have the apps to track all of your field workers. Use our Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile apps to track individual users. Windows 7 coming soon for use with mobile tablets and laptops. Need to track vehicles too? See below.

Worker History “Breadcrumbing”

Breadcrumb HistorySometimes where a worker has been is as important as where it is. Field Force Tracker’s breadcrumbing feature allows you to review worker travel history for better understanding of field operations and avoid unauthorized activity.

“Geofences” with Alerts

GeofencingCreate custom boundaries around locations and know when your workers enter or leave them with real-time alerts to the dispatcher and by email. Set up circles by distance or draw your own polygons to create custom geofences.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time AlertsField Force Tracker empowers you to set up real-time alerts for your fleet that monitor for excessive speed, geofences, and proximity to landmarks. You’ll immediately know who, where and what violations are occurring at any moment.

Find Closest Worker/Generate Best Route

Find ClosestField Force Tracker allows you to enter an address and find the closest workers to a location to ensure fastest service and lowest travel cost. You can then generate accurate directions for the most effective route to the location.

Import your “Landmarks” and “Points of Interest”

Import POIsHave a list of customers or service locations? Import your "Points of Interest" and landmarks into Field Force Tracker to see them on the map and use them to set up geofences and real-time alerts for more efficient operations and customer service.

Fleet and Worker Reporting/Business Intelligence

ReportingField Force Tracker offers a wide range of reports that allow you to analyze field activity to improve field workforce performance including activity report, speed report, after-hours report, hours worked report, travel history and more.

Intuitive Cloud-Based Tracking Command Center with Multi-Monitor Capabilities

DashboardField Force Tracker offers an intuitive and powerful Cloud-based Command Center that lets you take control of your workforce. Run on one computer (or tablet) or use multiple monitors to focus on full workforce and individual workers. Set user permissions edit users and vehicles for complete control.

Mobile Tracking App for Supervisors

Supervisor AccessNever lose sight of your workforce with Field Force Tracker's mobile web app. Use your iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile device or BlackBerry for full field worker and fleet visibility from wherever you are. View all users and vehicles on a map and zoom in on individual workers or vehicles.

Need to Track Vehicles? “Plug and Play” GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking DeviceOur GPS tracking devices are affordable and easy to install – just plug them into the ODB-II port of your vehicle and your good-to-go. Our devices come to you pre-configured so once they’re installed you can start viewing your vehicles immediately. We also offer “black box” GPS devices if you would prefer a hard-wired solutions. Already have trackers? Contact us to quote you better pricing.

Asset Tracking

Asset TrackingNeed to track assets other than vehicles? Field Force Tracker makes it easy with specialized tracking devices for construction equipment, trailers and other assets. Choose trackers that last from weeks to even years without recharging.

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